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Italian Wine Shop for Switzerland

Welcome to Viticolo, where we promote genuine Italian wines produced sustainably by passionate winemakers. Our hand-picked selection showcases the best small Italian producers, sustainability advocates and quality winemaking. Discover the unexplored essence of winemaking through our exclusive range, delivered throughout Switzerland. Let our wines speak for themselves, revealing the best of Italy with every sip.


Did you know that Italy has the largest number of wine grapes in the world? In fact, there are over 500 officially identified grape varieties, each capable of producing wines like no other. 350 of these grapes are native to Italy, each with its own unique set of characteristics. The ability to host so many varieties is primarily due to the ideal micro-climates and diverse soil covering over 1300 kilometers. 

Some of Italy’s most notable native varieties include Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Verdicchio, and Negroamoro - wines that will forever change your perspective on wine and quality. You can find these wines and an array of other native grapes on Viticolo’s online store. We offer a curated selection of Italian wine grapes from different regions throughout Italy. We aim to provide our discerning clients the opportunity to travel the country simply by tasting our selection. Explore our choice of Italian wines and let your journey begin. 

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