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Buccia Nera Arezzo

Buccia Nera - Tuscany

An unusual name, inspired by the grandfather’s dark skin, coloured and thickened by the sun and the many hours spent working in the fields. 
Buccia Nera Tuscany winemaking history began at the end of the nineteenth century when the first cellar was built in "San Polo", and with the planting of the first vineyards at "Podere della Filandra". For many years it was strongly focused on the production of Chianti DOCG. Today, Buccia Nera Tuscany is managed by 3 sisters: Anastasia, Alessia and Roberta Mancini who, after years at their father’s side, inherited the responsibility to continue the tradition. Thanks to their father’s teachings and his clear directions they created new labels that connect the old traditions with the generations of the future, all always maintaining an organic and sustainable approach.

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