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What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is a wine produced without the use of pesticides or chemical additives, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The grapes - organic, biodynamic or produced according to a different philosophy - are grown and harvested by hand and vinified with the local yeasts that naturally occur on the grape itself.

Fermentation and maturation must be spontaneous in order to maintain the identity of the wine and the vineyard, which is then reflected in the different vintages.

Our idea is a synthesis between nature, culture, terroir and tradition of a certain area, besides the experience of generations of winemakers, of course, also plays an important role.

  • Manual harvest
  • Cultivation and use of native vines
  • Fermentation with local yeasts (from the vineyard), which are present on the grapes themselves
  • Organic farming, promotion of biodiversity in the vineyard

Why should you drink natural wine?

The presence of pesticides in wines is a growing problem. Many winegrowers are abandoning traditional methods of pest control to use risky synthetic pesticides instead. This should already encourage consumers to look for natural wines that are natural from the vineyard.

A properly made natural wine, made from healthy grapes, is better digested and leaves a reasonable amount to drink, with no after-effects of any kind. Quality before quantity.

It also has more energy, as its nutritional value is certainly more balanced. One of the most important aspects of the "natural wine philosophy" is to recover the function of wine as food, thanks to the work of small wine growers who preserve the traditions, the characteristics of the territory and their craftsmanship.

Such producer vinifies grapes that have grown on his land and that he has raised step by step, preferring to interpret the different vintages instead of meeting the demands of the mass market.

  • Respect for the environment and the vineyard
  • Respect for human beings and their health
  • Possibility to drink wines that reflect a terroir
  • The winemaker accompanies the entire process from the vineyard to the bottle


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