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"Fizzin' Up the Fun: Unwrapping the Groovy Tale of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene"

In the heart of the Veneto region lies a treasure that has been enchanting wine enthusiasts for centuries – Prosecco ...

Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella, or most commonly known as “Amarone'', is one of the most famous Italian wines, notoriousl...

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Wine

How to know if a wine is Vegan? Unfortunately, not all wine is vegan. This may be a shock to many... While you might think that wines are simply fermented grape juice, so they must be vegan, you are sadly mistaken...

The "harvest cake" recipe

The "harvest cake" with grape, yogurt, and olive oil is perfect for the autumn season, the time of harvesting olives and grapes. Soft and fragrant! This special recipe is offered by wine expert and food blogger Francesca, founder of "The Black Fig".

Meet our producers: winemaking and respect of nature, an interview with Maddalena from “I Mandorli” winery

I was fortunate enough to meet the owners daughter, Maddalena. In this post, I asked her what made her choose to quit her job and embrace a life made of respect for nature and traditional winemaking...

Pair your wine: Spaghetti with mackerel, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and raisins

To live the full Italian experience and terroir though, the best Italian wines can be paired with authentic Italian food. In this post, we propose you a unique recipe: spaghetti with mackerel, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and raisins, created by friend and food blogger Alice...

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