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Business Wine Tasting

Know your wine. You never know when it could come in handy to help you seal that business deal. Viticolo allows you to know what makes a good wine, how to distinguish wines from their taste, and more through our wine tasting events.

 Understand your wine beyond its taste

Get the chance to learn about the wine you order from us, the stages of its production, and the rich history that comes behind it. Viticolo offers Business Wine Tasting occasion where we share our knowledge with you. Regardless of where you are in Switzerland, we have the perfect wine tasting solution for you and your business team.

wine tasting experience

wine tasting Business team building tasting

Do you love your natural drinks and would like to share some learning with your team? Tailor-made Business Wine Tasting based on your needs can be organized. Many themes to choose from that suit all budgets. Viticolo is here to organize a Business Wine Tasting event with you. We will supply you with all that makes our wine unique and worthy of your palate. The format is ideal for companies looking for fun online activities to boost spirits with their remote employees. 

wine tasting

wine conversation No location barrier

Whether you are far from us or want to keep things remote, we have you covered. Viticolo provides both on-premise and virtual Business Wine Tasting occasions to all our esteemed customers and curious inquirers. Happy to drive down to your premises to introduce you to the world of rich, natural Italian blends or organize one over zoom. It’s your call.

From learning about wines, their structure, and cost to making new friends and sharing drinks with loved ones, there is a lot to make a wine tasting event with Viticolo a memorable one.

Just send a request. 

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