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Our Story

I'm Lorenzo Belli, a passionate wine lover. Every wine has its story, a journey that starts from the grape and ends in your glass.
My mission is to share these great stories with you, uncovering the passion and authenticity of Italian winemaking. 

My journey begins in the Italian countryside, home to some of the most beautiful wineries in the world. Here I meet my producers, the real people behind the bottles you drink. I dive first hand on their methods, learning century-old traditions and experiencing the warmth of their hospitality.


Each of my producers is unique, yet all share one quality; the truth to traditional natural winemaking. I am lucky enough to experience the authenticity of Italy every time I visit these farms, bonding with the makers while falling in love with their wines.
That is why I started Viticolo. 
I am moved by the quest of sharing natural Italian wines and the passion of my producers.
My selection comes only from single-label family businesses specializing in making natural wines according to tradition.

Viticolo is a destination for everyone who appreciates natural organic wine and wishes to learn more about it.

The one-stop shop to experience the history and culture of Italy through wine, delivering my products straight to your door. 

Looking forward to sharing my stories with all of you,

Lorenzo Belli

Real people, real wines 

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