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Le Quattro Volte Calabria

Le Quattro Volte - Calabria

Le Quattro Volte is a small winery that has its roots in a land with a lively and uncontaminated nature. Calabria has more than 700 Km of coastline and is situated between two seas: the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. For nature lovers and beachgoers, it is a true paradise.  The winery is located in the province of Cosenza and was founded by friends Daniela De Marco, Giampiero, Brunori Sas, and Emiliano di Cianni. The name Le Quattro Volte comes from a movie about a Calabrian shepherd and from the title of a song by Brunori Sas himself. 

In the cellar, Daniela pays attention to every detail, limiting the interventions to the strictly necessary and working with spontaneous fermentation. The result is wines of excellent artisanship and vitality. The winery stands out for its loyalty to the native grape varieties and for its desire to tell its story in an authentic and profound way. Wine is made in the vineyard is a mantra that friends behind Le Quattro Volte believe in.

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