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"Estro" Provincia di Pavia IGT

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Estro, is the fascinating result of the union of indigenous varieties: Moradella, Vermiglio, Croatina and Uva della Cascina. These varieties, once neglected due to their limited production, find new life thanks to Fausto's dedication to preserving the local history and viticultural heritage. The vineyard, carefully reconstructed and inspired by Fausto's father's vineyards, stands as a tribute to the past, a renewed refuge for these ancient vines.

The essence of Estro lies in the harmonious union of these forgotten grapes. Vinified as a blend, with a prolonged maceration of 12 months in whole casks, these indigenous varieties merge into an intense, fleshy wine. Fermentation without additional intervention, respecting the purity of the grapes, gives the wine surprising depth and complexity.

Every sip of Estro is a sensory journey that celebrates the richness of a forgotten viticultural history. This wine embodies Fausto's determination to preserve and enhance the local tradition, offering an authentic taste of the territory's roots. The intense aromas, full-bodied structure and elegant persistence of Estro tell centuries-old stories, invoking the ancient wisdom of the vines.

In Estro, Fausto's art and passion come together, and through this creation, he aims to bring back the greatness of native varietals. This wine embodies the story of a rebirth, a vibrant homage to forgotten winegrowing traditions, while at the same time offering a modern and engaging experience for wine lovers.

Region: Veneto
Grape: Croatina, Moradella, Uva della Cascina, Vermiglio
Alcohol Level: 15%
Vintage: 2019
Bottle size: 0,75 


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