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"Saignèe" Terre Siciliane IGP

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Saignée represents Aldo Viola's bold oenological exploration, a work that celebrates tradition with an innovative twist. This natural red wine embodies the nostalgia of times gone by, recalling the authenticity of wines made with light maceration and rapid fermentation. A sensory experience travelling through time, offering freshness and pleasantness to the palate, bringing with it the elegance of the Syrah, Nerello Mascalese and Perricone grape varieties.

The Saignée method, literally 'blood' in French, underlines the peculiarity of this creation: the extraction of part of the red must after a period of contact with the skins, an oenological technique that, from red grapes, gives life to a rosé wine.

Saignée by Aldo Viola is much more than a wine; it is a journey into the art of oenology, a balance between tradition and innovation that come together in a harmonious symphony. The fresh notes and ease of drinking evoke memories of bygone eras, while offering a contemporary expression of oenological pleasure.

To discover this wine is to immerse oneself in the soul of Aldo Viola, a producer who boldly embraces the past to create a new and compelling experience in the world of wines, inviting one to savour history through every sip of Saignée.

Region: Sicily
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Perricone, Syrah
Alcohol Level: 12,5%
Vintage: 2020


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