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"Plus" Syrah Terre Siciliane IGP

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Immerse yourself in the essence of Sicily with 'Plus', Aldo Viola's wine masterpiece. This wine is the supreme expression of Aldo Viola's craftsmanship, meticulously selecting Syrah grapes bush-trained in the Feudo Guarini vineyard in the north of the island.

What makes this Syrah extraordinary is its craftsmanship: from fermentation to ageing in French oak tonneaux for over 9 months. It is here that the complexity and unique personality of this wine comes to life, whose refinement and intensity make it an unforgettable experience.

Each sip reveals a world of aromas and flavours. Notes of plum, Mediterranean scrub, carob, chocolate, earth and balsamic nuances intertwine in sublime harmony. It is like a sensory journey through Sicily, with its terroir rich in history and culture, encapsulated in a bottle.

"Plus" Syrah embodies the highest expression of this grape variety on the island, offering infinite softness and a sensory richness that delights the palate with every sip. A wine to appreciate slowly, to grasp all the nuances of an unforgettable Syrah, a work of art in every glass.

Region: Sicily
Grapes:  Syrah 100%
Alcohol Level: 13,5%
Vintage: 2019


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