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Olio EVO Bio Toscano

Buccia Nera

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The production of Olio EVO Bio Toscano Buccia Nera still remains a small production that is carefully followed from plant to table, with a preference for high quality and low production yields.
The olive harvest takes place from the beginning of October until mid-November. All begins when the olives are still very green, based on a careful analysis of the ripening stage, this choice allows for an oil with a high content of polyphenols and very low acidity.

– Olives pressing is carried out within 24 hours of harvesting
– The extraction is carried out cold using the continuous cycle technique
– Stored in a temperature-controlled environment without oxygen

All the olive trees have been registered with the Olio EVO Bio Toscano IGP Consortium, in order to be part of a controlled and certified quality production specification.

Vintage: 2020
Bottle size: 0,5 L

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