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"Sine Felle Ambrato" Toscana Bianco IGT

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Meet Sine Felle Ambrato – the rockstar of orange wines! This bad boy blends the Malvasia Bianca and the charm of Trebbiano grapes to create a flavour fiesta that'll knock your socks off.

Picture this: a sunset-hued glass swirling with aromas of ripe fruits and a zesty citrus kick. Sine Felle Ambrato doesn't play by the rules. It's that rebel at the wine party, bringing vibes of dried apricots, a hint of honey sweetness, and a sprinkle of spice.

This ain't your typical vino. It's like a rollercoaster for your taste buds, starting smooth, hitting you with a burst of flavours, and ending in a long, satisfying finish. Perfect for those 'treat yourself' moments or when you're showing off to your foodie friends.

So, if you're up for an adventure and want to add a conversation starter to your stash, Sine Felle Ambrato's your go-to. It's orange wine with a whole lot of personality – bold, unconventional, and downright delicious."

Region: Tuscany
Grapes: Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano
Alcohol Level: 13%
Vintage: 2021
Bottle size: 0,75 L


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