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Veggy Apero Wine Box II

Viticolo Box

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This specially curated box contains a selection of high-quality vegan products to elevate your summer gathering. Let's dive into what awaits you inside.

1x "La giardiniera di Giada" 
1x " di Radicchio"
1x "Per La Gioia" Vino Bianco
1x "Syrah" Toscana Rosso IGT

Two bottles of wine, a red one from Toscan and a white one from Elia Romagna. Whether you prefer indulging in flavorsome vegetables or savoring natural wines, our box offers a perfect balance for enjoying the lighter moments of life. We completed the box with a selection of vegetables preserved in a harmonious blend of oils. Bursting with flavor, these jars will add a delightful touch to your summer appetizers. From carrots, and cauliflowers, to peppers and onions, bring the box as your evening companion by the lake or river for the perfect Apero on the-go!

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