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We have mixed 6 different products to make everyone happy! In this Party Box you find red, white and sparkling wines, from different regions and intensity level. We recommend to start your evening with the Prosecco and Cidre and proceed with what you like the most: don’t forget to taste them all.

  • Maley headquarter is in the heart of Aosta Valley, in the Brissogne area, at 900 m.a.s.l. The work is being done at Saint Marcel, in the historic brewery La Valdôtaine, and at Novalaise, the heart of Saboy.

    Gianluca Telloli is a leading enologist, got a call several years ago to scout an area to plant some new vines. What he found instead were centenarian apple trees.

    At Saint Marcel Gianluca produces a sparkling cider with the classic method, only using the apple Raventze. No chemical treatment following Occidental Alps’ tradition that is all.

  • Il Torchio wine farm is located between Liguria and Tuscany, in the area called Colli di Luni (Hills of the moon). Grapevines have been growing on the hills along the seaside since the Etruscans.

    Current owners of the wine farm are siblings Gilda and Edoardo Musetti, bringing on the family business for the 4th generation.

    Il Torchio is the name given to the traditional village olive press along the Liguria coast in the past. The family first started pressing the olives and later started to produce wine, growing local varieties as Vermentino and the rare Vermentino Nero.

  • Malibràn Spumanti is a small farm located in the southern part of the DOCG Prosecco area, in Susegana, heart of province of Treviso, a few steps away from Venice.

    This area characterized by clay soils focus on quality over quantity. The company’s past tells a story of passionate wine producers. Gregorio, Girolamo and Maurizio are sparkling winemaker by their nature.

    The property stretches along 7 hectares of vineyards planted with Glera in a hilly area. To reach the right effervescence  of all the types of Valdobbiadene DOCG the owners follow personally every step.


  • I Mandorli wine farm is located in Suvereto, close to the Tuscan coast, at 300 meters above sea level.
    The vineyards reside between the energy of the sea and the metalliferous hills, just in front of the Elba Island.

    The presence and the experience of Andrea Bargiacchi, the expert “vignaiolo”, linked to organic-dynamic agriculture. Maddalena, daughter’s owner, and Andrea are the real soul of the wine farm.

    The wine becomes an expression of the earth, of that precise territory with certain characteristics, becoming a link between earth and man.

  • The Meroni Company is located in the Valpolicella Classico region and more specifically in the town of Sant’Ambrogio, close to the beautiful city of Verona.

    The true artisan and master of the company is Carlo Meroni, who continued the family legacy of producing traditional Valpolicella wines with minimum intervention from their ancient soils.

    Meroni strives for honesty rather than perfection. The name Velluto has a nice story, connected to the letter printed on the labels and gives the name to the entire product line.

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