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Vini Meroni, Veneto

Meroni is wine to be appreciated. Located close to the beautiful city of Verona, the wines here are for those who love to drink. Bottles that are enjoyed in great company and glasses full of lasting memories.

Tradition is the driving force behind the winemaking here, Carlo and Catia are using century old techniques passed down from family members and striving for honest results, not perfection. The wines - produced from Molinara, Rondinella and Corvina grapes - are full of vibrant aromas, aged in old barrels for five years. 

The Meroni estate covers 15 hectares, 11 of which have been planted with vines, after a careful restoration of the area, which has been suited for the cultivation of grapes since Roman times, used as reservoir for Romans, thus “Val Polis Cellae” (The Valley of many cellars). The remaining 4 hectares have been planted with olive trees and the remaining kept as woods to preserve the nature of the valley.

Cantina Meroni
"Velluto" is the name given to their entire product line, inscribed luxuriously across the front of the bottle. The name comes from famous poet Berto Berberani, who wrote a poem describing the wine as “velvet for the soldiers” after passing through the Valpolicella region during World War II. The letter is printed on the front of the label and is a true example of how Meroni showcase their history.

Take a read for yourself and enjoy velvet smooth wine.

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