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Podere Casaccia, Toscana

Podere Casaccia is where natural wines blossom. Bedded within the hills of the Florentine countryside, this vineyard flourishes amongst nature - working in harmony with its surroundings and allowing the land to dictate its crop.

The passion here is contagious. As you wander through the grounds, amongst the lively wildlife and idyllic setting, you are immersed solely in the winemaking process, a truly humbling experience.

Combining local farming traditions with modern agricultural methods, Roberto Moretti - the farm owner - has made it his purpose to grow high-quality grapes with their own authentic and original flavour. He works with the utmost respect for the environment, crafting wines from the finest grapes in Italy.

Alongside him is Roberto Bandinelli, one of Italy’s greatest grapevine botanists. He and Moretti replanted old grapevines on the farm and reinvigorated once forgotten vine varieties. Together, their goal is to produce natural wine which reflects the lively, dynamic personality of themselves, and it’s original territory.

“How can’t mankind, after all these years, not understand that he needs not to command nature, but cooperate with it?” - Roberto Moretti

This is a perfect representation of Moretti’s character and the philosophy of Podere Casaccia. Wine is produced in very small volumes and focuses on sustainability over commercial value.

Experience rare wine as it should be.

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