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Petracavallo Vini, Puglia

Enthusiasm and experience. It all started out almost as a joke, almost a bet between Vito and his father. Vito, a young winegrower madly in love with his vineyard and his native land, with a great desire to produce a wine as artisanal as possible, like the one his grandfather made him taste as a child. On the other hand Vito's father, Peppino, a winemaker with many years of experience. Thanks to his advice and suggestions today we can drink a real artisan wine, naturally good.

Petracavallo Vito D'Ongia

Petracavallo wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards using traditional methods, not treated with pesticides, undergoing spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeasts from other grapes, a low quantity of sulphur dioxide and without enzymes or additives.

In Petracavallo, each processing step lets the circle of life happen without extra intervention, trying to don't contaminate the balance and the harmony Mother Nature establishes between cultivated plant, ground and animals which inhabit the environment.

Petracavallo Vito e Lorenzo

Their philosophy makes them consider the transparence as the added value that puts the consumer in the position of making an aware, ethic and not just esthetic choice.

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