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Maley, Val d'Aosta

Maley is rooted within its terroir. As you gaze through the apple trees planted at an old Roman arena, you catch the peak of Mont Blanc staring back at you, a famous landmark and a symbol of history and tradition within the community.

This tie between the land, and the people that it serves, is at the heart of the Maley philosophy and the ciders they produce. As I walked through the marvellous small town in the heart of the Aosta valley, I felt the warmth, friendliness and recognition shared by members of the community. It is a place of belonging. One large family, living as one.

At the centre of it all is Gianluca. The man cultivating the land and devoting himself to making cider the traditional way. Each bottle is dedicated to the territory, named after local landmarks and embedding itself in the history of the area.

It was only after the 1960’s that laws changed and allowed cider production to restart. At this time the monastery in the Aosta valley planted apple trees as a symbol of purification for all the bad things that happened before it. These trees still stand tall today and are regularly used by Gianluca to produce ciders. 

Maley’s experimentation of old apple varieties produces niche ciders with particular tastes. They are a true representation of biodiversity; ethical, honest and authentic products.

Try a piece of history today and discover part of the Aosta community.

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