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La Montina, Franciacorta

La Montina is a place of extreme elegance. Its sparkling wine is the centerpiece of an environment that is full of luxury and charm, a terroir renowned worldwide for its magical vibe.

You immediately experience the aura of authority as you’re welcomed to the grounds. It’s home to its own contemporary art museum, host to a selection of the finest events and of course, producer of beautiful Franciacorta bottles. Perhaps it’s most famous landmark is the historic Villa Baiana, previous residence of the Cardinal and the Pope, and a building that embodies La Montina’s mission of excellence.

Whilst its large scale competitors value commercial appeal over heritage, La Montina stays true to tradition, following age-old methods and preserving the culture of the region. Their products are very high quality, selecting their grapes with precision and using old pressure methods to press the grapes.

Even their bottles are a thing of beauty. Luxurious gold and turquoise sparkle off the black glass bottle, shining like jewels in the Italian sun. The crest is embossed on the bottle; a touch of class for a product well worthy of it.

Whilst it may not be the biggest Franciacorta producer in the region, the importance of La Montina is huge. Covering 70 hectares, the winery is a staple of the luxury Italian lifestyle, sold in the finest establishments and drank by the elite.

Treat yourself to bubbles worth celebrating. 

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