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Il Torchio, Liguria

Il Torchio is not your typical winery. Within the gentle, sun exposed hills of Liguria, two young winemakers are working passionately to revive their grandfathers wine company with a fresh approach. Their contemporary winemaking is full of flair, taking the best of traditional methods and blending it with exciting innovate techniques.

The transformation is astounding. Brother and sister, Edoardo and Gilda, have built a natural wine brand that is full of character, showcasing their easy going transparent personalities through their products. It's a pleasure to be around. You can feel the energy of youth being thrown into every ounce of their craft. They are experts in what they do and their wines are the proof.

Behind the bottle - aptly designed with colour and vibrancy by a tattoo artist - you are hit with a crispy wine, full of flavour and structured to perfection. It is superior within the region there is no question about it. The grapes are there to be treasured - rare Vermentino Nero that you search a lifetime for.

It is certainly a place I will cherish. Every time I enjoy a bottle of their unmistakably beautiful wine I will be reminded of the bright sunny vineyards, graffiti inspired murals and the honest approach that makes Il Torchio so unique.

Give it a try and experience the hip-vibe of their natural wine.

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