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Ancarani, Romagna

Ancarani, Romagna

Despite being located in Oriolo dei Fichi (Faenza), a territory historically dedicated to the production of wine that favours quantity over quality, Ancarani stands out for its unique differences.

The Ancarani family, now in its 3rd generation of winemakers, hold a philosophy that celebrates the expression of their territory. Passionate about natural wine, husband and wife Claudio and Rita, continue to produce wine that focuses on limited, yet excellent production. At every stage of the journey, from harvesting the grapes to bottling the wine, they follow a process that ensures their values are represented in every bottle.

Italian natural wine from Romagna

Combining classic vines like Trebbiano and Sangiovese with very rare autochthonous vines like Centesimino and Famoso, Ancarani produce some of the most interesting and delicate flavours in the country. Following natural techniques when cultivating, harvesting and aging the wines, Ancarani are able to produce high quality products that respect and enhance the local terroir.

They are a perfect example of a producer that I love to work with. Passionate about natural wine, dedicated to quality production and focused on giving back to the land.

Experience the beauty of their wines or visit Vini Ancarani to find out more.

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