Ancarani, Uva Appesa sweet wine


Product image 1Ancarani, Uva Appesa sweet wine - Viticolo
Product image 2Ancarani, Uva Appesa sweet wine - Viticolo

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Ancarani Sweet wine, Romagna

In the hills of Faenza, the autochthonous Centesimino vine is being rediscovered. There are eight producers that are cultivating and transforming this rare vine into excellent wines, and sweet wines like Ancarani Sweet wine, Romagna. Uvappesa is a treat for the entire territory here, celebrating the revival of these rare vines and the area of Romagna. With an intense scent of blueberry accompanying the floral notes of wild rose, you are left with a sweet, enveloping taste in the mouth. It is a fantastic sweet wine and a great ending to any dinner occasion.

Region: Faenza
Grapes: Centesimino
Alcohol Level: 12% 

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