Maley, Vermouth Cristallier


Product image 1Maley, Vermouth Cristallier - Viticolo
Product image 2Maley, Vermouth Cristallier - Viticolo

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Maley, Vermouth Cristallier is particularly special. Made with an Alpine-apple-cider base, the herbaceous tones of wormwood, angelica, thyme and marjoram work beautifully alongside china, gentian and cassia to create a delicious, unique flavour. The beauty of Maley, Vermouth Cristallier is that it is absolutely delicious as an aperitif, served with an ice cube, slice of ginger and paired with cheese, or, can be drunk alone at the end of a meal as a sweet wine.

Region: Valle d'Aosta
Apples: Mont Blanc
Alcohol Level: 18%

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