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LORENZO BELLI Italian Wine Selector

I have a job that many of you would envy: I travel across the Italian countryside trying to find the best exclusive natural wines, import and deliver them to your door. That, in a nutshell, is the mission of Viticolo.

I started being in contact with the wine world in my region: Tuscany.

But it was when I moved to London, working for years in the hospitality business, that I truly realized how wine world was fascinating and complex at the same time, with as many kinds of customers and tastes as grapes varieties.

I never stopped being curious about the bottles I was pouring and I learned that Italian wines are too often connected with stereotypes while they offer a great biodiversity connected with different terroirs and techniques.

Love brought me then to Zurich. Getting familiar with the environment, I felt that amazing Italian artisan winemakers had not enough presence and I decided to show them off!

I started to sell wine to private customers and this gave me the opportunity to tell more about the wines I select, starting from small producers who grow grapes without the help of pesticides or chemicals, in the respect for nature.

Happy, curious and aware drinkers gave me the motivation to go on and further: this is how Viticolo came to life.

Viticolo is an online winery where everyone in Switzerland can get the right Italian wine. I invite you now to discover more, starting from the producers section: get to know the men and women who produce your favourite wine.

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